Sunday 22nd March 2020

(Why not send us a message using the Reply box below to tell us you have joined in?)

Click here for a spoken version of John 9:1-41

The man born blind


Click below for an order of service for personal devotion.

An act of devotion – Psalm 46

Click below for some further ‘Worship at Home’ resources from Roots.


Click Here for a list of URCs around the UK who are offering online worship.

Not forgetting other big issues in the wider world, Click Here for an invitation to pray with Christian Aid for climate justice.

For some ‘Golden Rules’ in a time of Corona Virus, Click Here.



  1. Thanks to all for your words of reassurance and shared thoughts. We are sat here in our lounge window taking in the wonderful spring sunshine thinking of all our friends who we would usually share our Sunday mornings with. God bless and stay safe.
    Ben and Helen Barker


  2. Much appreciated. I followed the URC national service ( too long) and then yours which I found more relevant and comforting. I will be reading it again throughout the week.


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