Destitution, Discrimination, Distrust

October is yet another busy month in our calendar. Some of this months events include Black History month, One World week, Prisoner’s week. From General Assembly we note that Church leaders have sent an open letter to the Home secretary about the ‘hostile environment’ which is being created by the government. The hostile environment is a web of government policies designed to make life difficult for people who cannot prove that have a right to remain in the UK. The Church leaders also support the report entitled ‘Destitution, Discrimination and Distrust: the web of the hostile environment.


From the report the Church leaders encourages each one of us to examine our hearts for the attitudes that the hostile environment is founded upon. They call upon all of us to exchange attitudes of discrimination and distrust for those of love and justice.
A very big thank you to St James for the Windrush Celebrations which gave thanks for all the people who welcomed the Windrush generation.

Thanks Zaidie